Reasons for learning Spanish

We all are different and each of us has…


…a different reason for learning the Spanish language but let’s have a look at some of the most common reasons why it would be very beneficial for us to start the journey of learning Spanish language.


Work/Employment Opportunities or Business

If you live in the southern part of the USA then you might have very well noticed how big part of a population there is speaking Spanish. And this population grows every day. These people start businesses and look for employees who speak Spanish. So speaking Spanish can give you a big competitive advantage and confidence when looking for a job or starting a new business.

On the international level the Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the world and is spoken in about twenty countries. Solely this reason is important enough to learn the Spanish language.


....learn Spanish fast and easy....


Nowadays travelling abroad is almost like having a breakfast in the morning. But hey, there is no food the fridge, which is like going to Mexico without understanding a word. It would be so much easier and also enjoyable if you could just ask for directions, order a food in the restaurant, book a hotel, ask for the price in a local shop, talk to the nice lady etc.  Well, not speaking the language can make you feel lost or desperate. Image being able to do all the things listed above. Your travel would be fun and an adventure that would bring you joy every day. You would realize that anything you need you just open your mouth. Fantastic!  You would feel like at home in that exotic country.


Emergency situation

This might not be the best reason to learn the Spanish language, but still your skill can save lives in an emergency situation, because you would be able to call an ambulance, ask for help or just ask for advice in a dire moment.



Have you ever wished being able to watch a movie in the original version? It can be a very enjoyable experience. Doing that might open a different world to you. There is not just what we see but also what we hear, what we say, in what moment and how we say it. When speaking Spanish, this gives you a new perspective and outlook on the Spanish culture and way of life.


Roman Languages

Once you speak Spanish it can help you a lot when studying other roman languages like French, Italian, and Portuguese. This is because all these languages come from Latin. It means many are similar in writing and some even in pronunciation. So once you speak Spanish it just gives you a very big advantage when starting to learn other roman language.



Learning Spanish can mean just fun. It can be a very useful activity to enhance the abilities of your brain. The brain needs stimuli every day and in learning the Spanish Language you can give him what it needs to work better, which of course can help you in other areas.



As the technology evolves every day and more people travel more there are relationships where him and her come from different countries. In most cases it means that both bring their culture and their language into the relationship. However there is always a need for a common language. So one or both have to speak the language that was learned in order to communicate with a partner. Once you learn the mother language of your other half you might be able to understand him or her better and faster, which brings mutual joy and understanding to both of you.

Learning Spanish can even help you to meet the dream man or woman, just because you will be able to talk and invite her or him to a drink.


It is pretty clear from the written above that once you speak the Spanish language your life can be much saver, happier and more enjoyable purely because you can interact with people more, you can explore more, you can learn more and you can even fall in love more often…;-).

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