Learning Spanish vs. learning Italian or French

Why learning Spanish might be a better choice

Languages play a very important role in communication. A person may belong to any place in the world but he should always be well acquainted with the language of the place he is living in. Inefficiency in doing so may lead to barriers in effective communication and create multiple problems.


Benefits of learning Spanish vs. Italian and French listed


Languages also help people of different places to come together and work as a group and maybe that is the reason why English has been selected s the international language of the world.
Apart from English, Spanish, Italian and French have also held a prominent place in international languages. Though not used widely as a mass language, but their importance cannot be ignored.

 Spanish vs. Italian or French

Spanish language since have a prominent place among languages after English but by that it does not mean that French or Italian is not a language spoken by the mass? Definitely no! There are lots of French and Italian speaking populations in the world but still somewhere down the line, Spanish holds precedence over other foreign languages.Learning Spanish vs. learning Italian or French


Why Spanish?

So what is in Spanish that makes it so different from the other languages?
Spanish speaking population is the second-largest in the entire world. Though French is largely looked upon as an international language but it is difficult to learn in a short span of time. Even Italian takes a lot of time and therefore people interested in learning foreign languages and not any specific one can easily learn it making Spanish a much preferred choice. Also English and Spanish words have lots of words in common since most of the English words derive its root from Latin and so does Spanish. That makes it easier for people to understand the language better.


Learning Spanish vs. learning Italian or French  In terms of employment benefits too, lots of people around the world are keen to learn Spanish and in some parts of the USA the majority of population consists of Mexican people making it easier to communicate with them. Also due to population increase of Spanish speaking people, there is a sudden surge in the demand of Spanish teachers and translators. Therefore Spanish is fast turning on to be a global language and people efficient in speaking it are highly regarded.


In terms of French, the grammar and pronunciations of the French words are very difficult and it really takes time for anyone to master this particular language. Therefore must people tend to ignore it from this perspective. In case of Italian, the language is very close to Spanish. So even if you want to learn any one of them, go for Spanish first!
Thus we have seen how Spanish has evolved out to be a favorite international language and despite of the fact that French and Italian languages have created a niche for themselves in the society as a language for the elite class, Spanish is still the most preferred international language of the world after English. In the times to come, Spanish, which has the capacity to precede English language, may turn out to be the international language of the world as well. Only time can show that!

I wish you a good choice!



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