Watch Spanish movies with English subtitles

I have a question for you?

Do you like Spanish movies?

Yes? Cool. Me too.



But whenever  I was tired I did not feel

like watching Spanish movies.


I had to concentrate a lot and I hated that.   So I always chose to watch other movies.

But this changed recently as I decided to try something different.  And this means big tip for you.

Most people I know love watching  movies, and some of them even

  stupid telenovelas.  And this brings me  to the topic of today’s post.

There is a blogger out there who developed  a way of learning

Spanish language  through Telenovela method.


Its a free method which is the easiest method of learning Spanish on earth.

What you have to do  is just  one simple thing a day. Watch films. It is  that easy.

The results are guaranteed provided you hold to your  schedule

and do not slack. What I love about this method is that it is free and enjoyable.

No stress, no hassle just lean back and enjoy.  English subtitles are also provided

so you do not have to check  the dict  again and again.


Here is the post from Andrew  listing   free Spanish movies  with English  subtitles.


It cannot get better than that. Check this out and start learning today.


Happy learning.






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