Study Spanish in SL. What is SL? SL stands for Second Life.

So what is exactly SL

and how you can study

Spanish language in SL.

Second Life is an online game platform,

a 3D virtual world, for people

who like playing online games.

It is a virtual world where you choose your avatar, which is a graphic representation of you in 3D world. Your avatar lives a virtual life with all the activities you also perform in real world like buying real estate, going shopping, having a relationship with opposite sex or travelling. And you can also learn languages.  I am not a big fan of games, but I might become one.Why? Because I can learn a  new language in SL. I found an interesting video where one of the players takes you on a short tour of her experience of learning a language in Second Life.  Please watch below as she explains how she found about Spanish class in SL and how she found the experience of studying Spanish in virtual world.

There are set of different activities that you can use when playing in SL according to Learn Spanish in Castile and Leon  . Here is a list of them:


  1. Voice chat allows you to work in pairs or in groups.
  1. SL allows you to incorporate authentic exercises taken from videos, images and auditions, as well as giving you access to certain websites.
  1. The written messaging system allows you to communicate on an individual basis with other students. You may well clarify the meaning of Spanish phrases with new vocabulary for them.
  1. You can create written notes for other students. This system allows you to work with the written texts that are created.
  1. We can add gestures to your avatar to express a welcome, to affirm, deny, laugh and say goodbye.
  1. You can move yourselves and explain actions such as walking, jogging, skating, etc… You can also teleport to other islands and send other students ´avatars` to find information in other islands, as practice.


There are many different places in SL where you can practice your language skills for free with people from all around the world. Here is the list of these places for advanced learners who want to study Spanish.


The only disadvantage of taking a chance on SL is that sometimes the platform crashes when too many people are logged in at the same time.

But apart from this, studying Spanish in Second life can be a great way to improve your language skills with native speakers or just a way to kick starts your beginner’s level in one of the classes for beginners. So you might give it a chance.


See you in Second Life,


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