Pros And Cons Of Buying Online Spanish Course And Learning Spanish Online For Free

Learning a new language can be a

great fun.


And once you develop this skill it can

prove to be very helpful in many areas

of your life.

Spanish language, like any other language has rules of grammar that is important for learners to
know, understand and of course use.

You can learn these rules in many different ways. You can study a book, watch a video, listen to a podcast or a teacher.On some of these activities you can spend money. There is variety of Spanish language courses you can spend your money on. Or you can book a teacher to teach you Spanish. The most efficient would be 1 on 1. A teacher is not going to teach you Spanish for free. Your Spanish girlfriend

However, for many people the thought of spending money for a language course, a class or a teacher is not very appealing so they resort to free online tutorials, videos or podcasts.etc…This can work very well actually. And there are folks out there who learned the Spanish that way. And that is great.

Although this might be very useful, there are uncertainties and other issues that might put you at a disadvantage when doing this stuff on your own.Let us examine the pros and cons of paid learning versus free material you can find on the internet

Paid Online Spanish Courses:


  • Training is structured and well balanced
  • Students  progress is based on individual abilities and is usually divided into stages
  • Instructors, teachers,  are often well trained and educated with lots of experience
  • Some courses offer a live component, live trainings
  • You can have access to the training from anywhere anytime
  •  Your progress is measured


  • There is a price tag attached
  • Some audio and video quality might be of poor quality, depends on the course
  • When learning with  a software you have to self motivate yourself even though some software have the feature to help you with that
  • Training can be very  individualized




Free Online Spanish Course


  • It costs learners no money
  • There are plentiful tutorials to choose from on the web
  • You can choose your topic and find the appropriate material



  • Some if not most instructors will base the lessons primarily on conversational Spanish and very little grammar
  • There are plentiful tutorials to choose from on the web, you can get distracted
  • No structured approach to learning
  • No measured progress
  • No live component present: like checking your pronunciation or involvement in a dialogue


These are just some of the aspects of learning Spanish for free versus paid courses.  I guess if a person is a beginner or intermediate then paid  ption brings results faster. A soon as some skills are present, at least at the level upper intermediate or advanced, free material from the internet can be used to improve the language skills.

What approach to take, however, is up to the learner himself.

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Happy learning,



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