Mastering conversational Spanish

I believe that one of the greatest advantages…

…of acquiring a skill of speaking a new language is the skill of being able to communicate with other people. And that is why most people, who learn Spanish, want to master the conversation in Spanish. Language is about communication and this is the biggest motivation for us all to learn this new skill.  And this article should help you just that. to master a conversational Spanish...

There are many ways how to accomplish that, so let me introduce some of the most effective ways to speak Spanish as fast as possible:

  1. Classroom Lessons – once you are no more a beginner you can enroll in the course which offers you classroom conversations. You can choose a special just conversational course and this should bring you a good portion of time dedicated to speaking. Just be sure that there are not too many students in one classroom. I would suggest no more than 4.
  2. Private tutors – this might be an expensive option as it is one to one style, but it is also a  very effective way as it gives you  great conversational practice in  Spanish, your progress will be fast and your pronunciation will also improve exponentially.
  3. Online language programs – one of the best affordable methods to learn conversational Spanish. You can learn on your own time and pace from the comfort of your home.
  4. Social interaction – this is one of the best ways to learn conversational Spanish. Having friends you can practice with is a great way to practice your Spanish. This can be accomplished in many ways. You can either start looking for a company of Spanish-speaking individuals, like in bars, clubs, social gatherings, dating sites, cultural events etc. or you can travel to Spanish-speaking countries. If you travel abroad then try to avoid your mother tongue as much as possible. Bear in mind that certain degree of speaking fluency is necessary. Intermediate level would be great level to start off with.

Now this does not mean that only one of the methods above is to be used. For the best benefit and learning progress use more than one of the ways mentioned above.  If you do not want to spend a bunch of money on private tutors or classroom courses, then you can learn with online programs  and combine that with some sort of social interaction which is almost for free.

how to master a conversational Spanish

Do not be afraid to speak a lot in Spanish anywhere you have a chance. Some people might have a fear of starting a conversation in a language they do not master 100%. Fight your fear and do what is necessary to get ahead. You will be surprised how much praise you will receive once people find out you are on the path of mastering that language.  They will often gladly help you with new expressions and also speak slower if you ask them to. Just speak to them!

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