Learning Spanish with YouTube.

There are a lot of ways to learn Spanish for



and some of them will be introduced in this blog. Today I want to write couple of sentences about learning Spanish with youtube.  youtube as the third most used search engine in the world offers a great variety of channels and films that you can dig in and start learning Spanish.   Let’s look up some of them and have a closer look. The million dollar question is how do you know which channel to subscribe to and follow.  Youtube offers you the channels that have the most views on the top of the search results; however some of these vids might not be the best for you.

So my advice is do not subscribe for the vids that are on the top just because these vids got to the top. Go through different vids and channels and look for some that suits you or interests you the best. Here is my take on some of them:

Part 1.

Learning Spanish with youtube for beginners:


Spanish Sessions

– 37 videos for beginners presented by woman standing in front of a white board, videos are between 3 and 7 minutes long, no English spoken – I think not the best for the beginners


English for Arabs (they also offer English)

– about 28 videos  offering Spanish for beginners with basic English and Spanish expressions, Spanish and English is spoken, videos are short which is a plus, free Android app is offered “Si Spanish“   –  I like the videos for their brevity and clear pronunciation with English equivalents


123Teachme by Mr Learn Spanish

– pretty extensive video library of  190 good quality  videos that are mostly no longer than 6 minutes, videos have both English and Spanish texts,  I guess anybody who likes to learn Spanish with U-tube, should not ignore this source for its extensive offer.


The Spanish Blog

– free daily Spanish lessons with a native Spanish Teacher Laura Garrido Eslava – Laura is talking to the camera and pays attention to correct and clear pronunciation – she speaks English and Spanish, the channel mentions about 490 videos, I personally do not like this kind of videos – Laura is good at the job but somehow does not make it interesting, it’s just plain, spoken words to be taught.


Master Spanish Language

– 40 short videos to be viewed, videos have both English and Spanish  equivalents, that are presented as text, I found these Videos very boring and also not very good quality, it seems someone just recorded a tape  with  a Spanish voice, video says I can download MP3, but I have not found the MP3


Learning Spanish for beginners

–    short videos between 1 and 3 minutes with spoken English and Spanish, text and Pictures are offered, the vids are good quality but unfortunately just 12 of them – I found these videos quite good as they have all text, picture and spoken word and the pronunciation is also very clear.


Canal de Say hello in spanish

– 37 video between 3 and 7 minutes long, Spanish and English text with voice- over is offered, the lessons are easy, short and simple, sometimes text is accompanied by a Picture, the quality is not bad but also not that fantastic, this is  a good solid  source of basic stuff to start with.



I might find some more Spanish teaching channels for beginners in the future. But the ones I presented above are at the moment the ones that came up in Google after typing in “Spanish for beginners“. So now I leave you with this first part with words of wisdom: “If you have to choose, choose wisely. “

Happy  learning,



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