Learning Spanish with the right attitude.

Attitude can mean a lot when learning Spanish

Anything we do in our lives is done with a certain attitude.We have activities we do like to perform because that is our choice. And our choice of activity is determined partly by our attitude what is an attitude by Wikipedia: ”an expression of favor or disfavor toward a person, place, thing, or event”.

To master a particular language, in our case Spanish, you need to master your attitude, so that you stay determined, pro-active and positive.Tips and advice on the right attitude when learning Spanish


If you like learning languages you might have the right attitude and you need not to motivate yourself to do the stuff you planned to do.

But what if you feel down, stressed, tired, impatient, not able to do what you planned some time ago. Then it might be not soooo easy to go on with what you initially meant to conquer. And here is the point where people go in two directions. Some will give up and some keep going on. We do not need to go into details of why people give up – may be in some other blog post.

Tips and advice on the right attitude when learning SpanishBut what about not giving up? How to accomplish that? There are several factors that determine the right approach. But one I find very useful is asking yourself just one question


Answers can be many. The more, the better:

Mine would be:

”I love learning that language so I can talk to people in Spanish, and especially ladies.” 😉

“I want to be able to watch Spanish movies in original.”

“I want to be able to read Spanish newspapers and cook books”

”I want to train my memory”

”I want to impress XY” – maybe not the best one.

”I want to travel to Brazil and be able to travel alone if I wish to.”


I have a lot of reasons and I love them all. And as soon as I think about them my attitude gets very proactive as I realize I need to learn more and more to get all these things happen.

Tips and advice on the right attitude when learning Spanish

Learning Spanish then becomes so much easier.

I do not, however try to beat myself up and study like crazy for a month or two and then make a break. A bit a day is good. I do not need more, but I really want to feel the accomplishment of going through my planned lesson almost every day and enjoy it. If I do not enjoy it, I just drop it. I know myself. Everybody does. And I know what brings me closer to my goal. And so you know. Some people believe it is not about the goal. It is about the journey. Well, right I like the journey too. But one day I want to be able to do all the things I planned. So I like learning today, because it will bring me closer to my goal.

So my advice today is think about your ”why”, think about your goal and also think about what makes you learn. And what makes you learn in a way that you enjoy it. You do not need books to learn Spanish if you do not like them. You can watch videos, listen to music, and play a PC game in Spanish, whatever you like. As long as Spanish is involved you learn and you are getting closer to your goal.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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