Learn Spanish with Natives

Have you already planned your holiday?


May be you already planned your holiday,


but let me tell you if you want to learn Spanish fast,

you should definitely spend some time with native speakers.

The environment of native speakers can
also be simulated through  video or audio of course.


But it will never give you the chance to immerse yourself  100% into the environment
of the target language. You will be bombarded everyday with new words, new expressions,
sings, questions and similar. People around you will see you as a native and might ask you
questions and you will be forced to answer these.


You will work much harder to dig deep into your memory and you will remember much easier.

You will learn a new vocabulary   on  a daily basis which will help you  to
learn much faster.

You might meet new friends who will also expect from you the communication in the
target language and you will not want to disappoint them or yourself.

There is no better way to learn a language with natives in the country where
the language is spoken.


However many people do not use that opportunity as wisely as others. They mingle
just with their countrymen and that causes that they almost have no opportunity to
learn  a new language  with natives. Do not fall for this trap.

Be always aware that you can learn only when you leave your countrymen behind and
venture on your own. And that means leaving your comfort zone behind.

I do not mean now to ignore your significant half on your vacation, but being proactive
in searching for a conversation in a target language wherever you go.

And this can be in a shop or on a beach or in the streets. Talk and listen and try to
grasp as much as possible.


Another good way to learn the target language abroad is to visit a private school
for a week in the foreign country.

You will have to pay for it of course, but you will be forced to speak more and
learn more during your stay.


There will be much more chances of interacting with other natives. But again you
have to be active in looking for a communication and train new vocabulary.
Nobody will do that for you.



It is about coming out of your comfort zone a lot. So be ready for that.
Especially if you are a shy person or not very extrovert.

It all depends on you. You can learn during one or two weeks time in
lightning speed or you can learn couple of new expressions and then go home realizing
there was not much you actually did or learned.

Expect the best when going abroad, and embrace some wild moments as these will
surely happen when learning a new language with natives.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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