It is all in your hands…

Hey folks today, and every day,

is a perfect today


to take the right decision.  Because everything starts with a decision.

You may want to speak Japanese or Spanish,


whatever language you wish. As long as you actually do not decide to do it, you will never speak that language.

You may have many reasons in your head that secretly tell you why you might not be able to do stuff you want to do. That is all fine. In our case learning language takes courage, time, dedication and energy.

Sometimes you may be being laughed at for your misspelling or just the incorrect expression used in certain situation. Well let me tell you. Anything in life can happen. Good and bad. But the question is what you do with that. What it takes literary make you or break you.

You can think in a way that you do not care what people say or think about you or you live in a constant vigilant state of checking your reality with reality of others. So the message here is be bold in your decision to learn Spanish and in any of your decisions concerning your learning.

It goes through your whole day. Like finding time to learn something new every day, practicing with people and looking for opportunities to practice more.
It is one thing to buy a language course online and completely other to learn the language with help of the the same course you have bought.

You still have to find time to learn, spend some energy, practice in real life etc.
Your journey just starts there.

Many courses promise you being able to speak Spanish in 2, 3, 4, 6 months. And in many cases it is true. It is possible.

But there is a catch. And the catch is you. It is your time, energy, dedication you put into learning.

It almost do not even matter what course you buy. It is not as much about the course.
It is more about how much you are dedicated and motivated to learn.
And even your decision might not be enough. Why?

Because you may decide one day to learn Spanish and after two weeks, finding it difficult, leaving the entire decision behind you. Instead you choose going to the gym or watch your favorite reality show.Decision is not always decision. It is sometimes just a wish. Not a longing, not badly needing, not dreaming big.

So before you buy any language course online or even start learning for free any language, think harder.

And decide better. Because you can be just loosing time and money.
Or you can be starting exciting journey in to a different world, different planet.

Only you can choose your planet. Planet loser or planet winner.
Happy learning.

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