How Spanish can change your life.

22 reasons to learn Spanish

right now. Part 1.


Do you know what is the single

activity that adds

most to our sense of well being?

Of course you do! It’s talking with and listening to, other people. Humans
are social beings. Being part of life wherever you are, is the key to mental
well being and existential happiness.  Interacting with other people is
what makes us tick!
It is what drives us forward from the engine of our DNA.That is why learning
Spanish is  the best thing you can do for yourself. Why Spanish I hear you ask?
Well, for English  speakers, the door to a whole new world of civilization is
already ajar. $Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and you can push
that door wide and enter El Dorado, that mythic South American land
of gold and happiness. Learn Spanish for the pure joy of it. Whether it is
listening to the latin perspective, speaking with different people, reading classic
literature or just stretching your brain and memory with the challenge of learning,
you will find it all in Spanish. For students of Spanish there are the great rewards
and satisfying efforts involved in all languages. Today is the best time
to begin learning, and Spanish is the best language to start with because:


1.It’s all in the ‘cognates’. Spanish and English have the same roots. They are both
Indo-European tongues, out of Latin. The two languages are full of ‘cognates’.
These are two words with the same etymological base, and so they become
very similar,if not identical in spelling, and remain the same in meaning.
The English word “kiosk” is a good example. The Spanish word is quiosco,
they both originate in the Turkish word kosk. Real joy in Spanish is to be found
in the beautiful ambiguity of words too. But beware ‘false friends’ or cognates
that have developed into distinct words. Arena, for example has the same root in
the latin word for sand. It still is sand in Spanish.


2. So the joy of communicating with new people is just a short study away
because you already have a considerable Spanish vocabulary. Every
English word that ends in ‘…tion’ is the same in Spanish but ends in
‘…cion’. So transportation is ‘transportacion’, nation is ‘nacion’,
circulation is ‘circulacion’ and so on. Make your own list and see how
much you can already say to your new Spanish friends, whether in Europe or South America.


3. ‘Te quiero’, I love you! Do you know the best way to learn Spanish?
Pillow talk. Yes it’s true. You learned your first language because
someone who loved you very much, spoke to you all the time and
corrected you gently when you made mistakes. A beautiful latin lover is a
great motivation and they can do more for you than your mother ever
could. Learning to speak Spanish is the only way to find your true latin
soul mate.


4. Brain elasticity is a well proven psychological phenomenon. Learning to speak, hear and comprehend Spanish will expand your mind. It will increase your understanding of your mother tongue. The grammar of both languages is very similar. To learn Spanish, is to gain insights into English. Using verbs in Spanish will help you express yourself morefluently with English verbs and tenses. Spanish can do this because it takes hold in the language pathways of your brain and immediately begins to extend them into new pathways as a whole brain experience.


5. Psychologists now have evidence to show that being bilingual reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The latest psychologists studies build on earlier research that supported the idea that 2 languages enhances our thinking abilities regardless of our age. Still other studies, show that studying languages improves your memory and slows down age-related decline in cognitive dexterity. Learning a second  language makes you smarter! Your critical thinking capacity is sharpened as you learn to reorient your world view. Communication through a second language also stimulates creativity!


6. Learning Spanish is a fascinating and joyous challenge. It is easier
than English, in that it is close to 100% phonetic. Each letter in the
alphabet has just one sound and if you read and pronounce every letter
you will be speaking Spanish well. With a little vocabulary under your
belt you can immerse yourself in that world in a matter of days.


7.Spanish is a golden personal asset. For many, the ability to
communicate in Spanish is becoming an economic priority. Spanish is
evolving into the second language of commerce. Learning Spanish will
enable communication with Spanish speaking stakeholders in any
enterprise, such as customers, employees and colleagues. There are also great career
opportunities with Spanish, in areas such as translation, interpretation and teaching.


8.Entrepreneurs can only benefit from offering products and services to the 350 million
native Spanish speakers across the World. In North
America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest growing segment of all
markets. As for career opportunities, it is definitely a ‘feather’ in
anybody’s cap to have ‘fluent Spanish speaker’ on their résumé.


9.In America, knowing Spanish, can be a job requirement when
working in healthcare or education. Increasingly, the construction trades
are taking on more and more Spanish speaking operatives. One thing for
sure is, bilingual job candidates are more in demand and have a wider
choice of careers in the labour market than their monolingual peers.
Globalization, and burgeoning free trade arrangements are opening up the business world.
Those who can communicate in more than one language definitely have the edge.


10.Join the global village. It’s a small World and getting smaller all the
time. Not so long ago, the ‘latino’ peoples of the United States lived in
pockets near the mexican border or in communities in New York and
Miami. Less than two decades ago Spain was on the fringe of Europe with its own currency and no significant part to play in the development of the continent. But all that has changed. To communicate in Spanish now is an extremely satisfying thing to be able to do. Not just in America, but all over the World.


11. Spanish is rapidly becoming a global language to rival English. It is the ‘lingua franca’ of all of the diverse provinces of Spain itself. It is spoken by nearly as many people as speak Chinese or Hindustani, but far more widely spread of course.



Here are the first eleven  reasons why learning Spanish.  You may have your own reason for learning Spanish so being aware of them can only help  you to motivate and facilitate  your learning.


Happy Learning,




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