How much of a Spanish vocabulary to learn?

Spanish vocabulary is essential

when learning the language.


The building stones are necessary

when building  the house.

The problem  is the vocab is so vast.


In order not to get overwhelmed and frustrated you need to learn just a portion of it.

The basic vocabulary is of course essential. You can not do without it.

It is the skeleton for adding your muscles. Now what muscles you opt  for

is up to you.  And that  is part of the secret of successful language learning.


You choose vocab you need, like, use,  find interesting, remember easy etc. There is no

point in learning the vocab that you will not remember. When you learn and

at the same time you enjoy the vocab you learn in terms of having

some emotional attachment to new words then you learn much easier.

It is easier said than done, but not quite  in this case. It is easier to learn what you

like to learn than what you have to learn.


Here is a collection of useful sites with vocab collection or about vocab learning:     – a new vocab here is presented with a picture,

which can be very helpful for those who prefer  visual learning

100 Spanish Words You Need To Know  –  a collection of most basic vocab

A post forum thread by Mr. Iversen  –  about learning vocab

Smartphrase – collection of  Spanish vocabulary

Dummies  – Spanish phrases used in different situations – another collection of  Spanish vocabulary – collection of cognates – useful sites  with clear explanations


You might as well try yourself to find a site that offers vocab

of your interest.  If I could give you one advice, this would be:

Start slow and scale up with time. and have fun!

Leave me a comment.


Happy learning,


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