Have you tried reading Spanish comics?

Today’s post will be a short one. I was just thinking about what to write about and checked a site I highly recommend .

And there I found a post about a very interesting way that can improve your Spanish language skills.


 It’s reading comics in Spanish.


I must admit I do not read comics nowadays. Why? I dunno. But most probably because I forgot about this source. Until today. There are sites online where you can read comics in Spanish and get an English translation of the content in the bubble if you wish. It cannot get any better I guess. I do not need to mention this is for free.



And now here are the three main reasons why

Spanish comics are so

great to learn with:


  1. A lot of new vocabulary, sometimes almost in every bubble, (in case you are not proficient
  2. Guessing of the meaning enhanced by pictures –  this helps to remember  the new stuff much better ( you have to, however, note down new vocabulary or get back to it again)
  3. A lot of fun (provided you are a comics fan)

You can even be a beginner to start learning with simple comics, you just make sure you have a paperback dictionary with you or access to online dictionary resources as you might need to use it a lot.

The only disadvantage of this method can be in getting the pronunciation right. So I suggest before you get any incorrect habits of pronouncing some more difficult words you are not sure about, check their pronunciation. You can also use forvo  if you like, or just ask for it your Spanish teacher or your novia/o, just make sure you get it right.

Now you probably want to get these Spanish comics sites. Here you go:

elanguageschool – this is the one with English translation in bubbles

gocomics– this is a site that offers a collection of many various comics, just choose the one you like.

If are a great aficionado of comics you might check Amazon for great comics books. Some books are pretty cheap so why not to go with your liking and give it some more momentum. The choice is yours.


Please share this post with friends in case they might be interested in learning Spanish with comics.

I wish you happy reading comics.



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You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.
‒Geoffrey Willans


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