Flirting in Spanish? What a Challenge!

This is what most of the Spanish

learning community will probably

say if asked about

how to flirt in Spanish.


“I don’t even know how to flirt in English!” May someone say, well in that sense you might

want to focus in flirting in your first language then!

Flirting in Spanish is an art,

it comprises not only

the knowledge of a language,

but also  a whole set of movements

and gestures that will

give you away as a proper seductor.


Not a rigid position and whenever there’s a chance you should be ready for dance. The question “¿Te apetece bailar?” (would you like to dance?) is a good starting point for this. “¿Sueles venir a menudo por aquí?” (Do you come here often?) or “¿Qué hace una chica como tú en un sitio como éste?” (What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?) are also good ice breakers, not too direct but appropriate to start off a conversation with the girl of your dreams.

The Spanish language provides you with a wide range of compliments, that when masterized, will propel you to the final conquistador position. You could use compliments like linda, bonita, preciosa, guapa (cute, beautiful), or if you want to emphasize her personality you could use simpática, graciosa, divertida, tienes chispa (nice, funny). Make sure to whisper them for a better result. When the night gets close to an end and you want to keep in touch the following two phrases come in handy; “¿Me dejas tu número?” (Can I have your number?), “Estamos en contacto” (Let’s keep in touch), or “Te veo luego” (See you later).

If this sort of Don Juan talking is not enough for you and you want to become a real macho, the sort of guy that girls will scream at when walking on the street, then you need to step up a level and throw your best weapons on the game, note that in this situation confidence is a must. “Estás más buena que el pan” (You’re really hot), “Ay qué te como!” (I´m going to eat you!), or “Eres muy sensual” (You’re very sexy), these sentences must be in every book of how to conquer a woman when flirting in Spanish.

Good luck with your flirting in Spanish.


Our guest blogger.

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