Cursing in Spanish is art itself. Learn it streetwise.

Imagine you are in the shop

somewhere in South America,

and somebody shouts at you:


and you have no idea

what is going on.


Let me jump in here very quickly.

Something just went wrong.

What? I dunno. But that is what

somebody just expressed with his

Spanish swearing.


You should not be surprised,just because you do not understand, when somebody is

cursing loud in Spanish.  Let me help you with these most common expressions:


Cojones: Probably the most common expression on the Spanish world, this word refers

to the male genital (vulgar), as well as being a proper cursing word when something goes

wrong, or when you want to convey an idea to someone. Que cojones! Means what the fuck!

You can say this in pretty much every situation, as they are interchangeable.


Si pesa mas que un pollo me la follo: This literally means ‘if it weighs more than a chicken,

I’ll fuck him/her’ This expression comes in handy at a moment of desperation, probably

after an unsuccessful party night or a long sexual drought.


Tu puta madre: Probably the most famous expression on Spanish cursing, it means

something along  the lines of fuck you! It refers to the mother of the person

you’re saying it to, so use it only with somebody you sharea good ‘friendship’ with.


De puta madre: Very similar to the last one but also quite opposite, this one can be translated

 for ‘outstanding’, ‘great’, and so on. It basically means something is fantastic or the plan turned

out well.


Ostia!: It’s the equivalent of shit pretty much, it can be used when you are surprised, or when

something unexpected occurs.


Mierda: This is basically the translation of shit, it can be used as an interjection, like ‘ostia’,

but also when something is quite bad. Esto es una mierda, means this is shit or worthless.


Me cago en tu padre: This one means literally ‘I’ll shit on your father’. Such a difficult

situation to picture can only occur when you feel offended by someone, or when somebody

does something bad to you, probably something that doesn’t have a solution. It’s an expression

of frustration and hate. Just make sure not to keep this promise….


Poya: This is a dick, I mean it literally means dick, but it can be used in a myriad

of situations. From the obvious direct translation to ‘Esto es la poya’, which means

that something is really really good, until ‘Y una poya’, which means something

unbelievable and utterly improbable.


Puta: It means bitch, you can call any girl you don’t like ‘puta’, but if you look at the above

expressions, it can have a good meaning too. Poor bitches, they are so nice anyway, I don’t

understand this kind of insults for them.


Cabron: This one could be translated as cunt or something along these lines, the truth is,

there is not a direct translation into English from this word. A ‘cabron’ is really a male goat,

but the word has evolved into a not so nice expression. You can do proper swearing

with this word, while cursing on the referee, somebody that has done something nasty to you,

or any other situation like this. You have just learned some curse words in Spanish and you are

ready to go to the streets and ‘understand’ when somebody likes you, or may be not.




Watch this funny video of cursing competition in the car.

Happy learning with cursing in Spanish.


P.S. For more videos on cursing please go to my channel Spanishfastandeasy and watch the video on cursing in Spanish.