7 most common mistakes made when learning foreign language…

1. Learning too fast

Sometimes we need to learn a particular foreign language urgently. There is a Spanish colleague you like to talk to in Spanish or a business partner from Spain or a girl you like, that seems to speak much better Spanish than English.  We assume that with today’s advanced technology it is easy to learn fast. Well the truth is it is easy to learn fast but not so easy to learn too fast. In fact if you try learning faster than recommended in a book or a course you bought you might as well end up nowhere. The reason is that one day you just give up, because you will not be happy with the results. Your expectations will simply not be met by your results.

 most common mistakes made when learning Spanish

 2. Taking long breaks

Language skills are not like riding a bicycle. You learn riding a bicycle and then you stop riding for 10 years. After ten years you hop on one and you can enjoy the ride again. Language is like a fire, you add wood on the fire and the fire gets stronger. But the fire goes out pretty easy once there is no wood to burn.  See keep adding wood on the fire and the fire will get bigger and brighter.

 3. Being afraid to make mistakes                       

Making mistakes is part of the process of learning almost anything in life. So be mentally ready for making mistakes.  You need to make mistakes in order to learn speaking Spanish. People will appreciate your efforts and even encourage you to learn and speak more in Spanish.

most common mistakes when learning a foreign language

 4. Forgetting the fun part

Learning language properly is a long and tedious process. And learning grammar and its rules is definitely not fun to everybody. In order to not get bored and exhausted along the way it just makes sense to go for fun too. Examples: watching movies in Spanish, listening to music in Spanish, go out and talk to Spanish speaking people, go to Mexico or Spain for a holiday, play some educational games in Spanish, get a Spanish pen friend,   etc.

5. Be patient

People have different skills and abilities and some learn language faster than the others. You do not need to be a super learner to reach your goal. Time should not be a priority here. I know it is good to learn fast, but if you just cannot get it that fast then be it. It is not about how fast you learn but more about what you learn, how much you enjoy it and what you do with what you know so you motivate yourself to keep learning even more.

6.  Forgetting your why

As mentioned earlier mastering a foreign language is not a game. It is a work that has some game parts. You might end up having just a game but first you have to do some work. There is a reason why you started the journey. Along the waymost common mistakes done when learning a foreign language your circumstances might change and so your reasons. Then you need to change your reasons, otherwise you stop learning and your time was wasted. So keep reminding yourself why you do what you do, and what benefits it will give you once you arrive to your destination.

7. Having no scheduled time for learning

Almost every activity we do has its set time to be done. We eat breakfast in the morning, eat dinner in the evening, work from 8 – 5.  We do it every-day without thinking about it, it is a routine.  However it is very easy to forget your lesson during the day especially if you are a self-learner.  Once you set up a special time during the day and days during the week you will certainly not forget your lesson. And not forgetting a lesson means fast learning, fast results and more fun with watching Spanish movies or talking to this Spanish speaking friend you like.


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