Learning Spanish with audio lessons, podcast, CDs, mp3 etc. for beginners

Lack of time may be the reason…

…why some people decide not learn another language. They might think that learning a foreign language is difficult, time consuming and boring. Nothing is further from the truth if you follow some basic tips on how to make learning fun and easy.   

One of the great ways to learn Spanish language is to listen to the audio courses. You can do this whenever you are alone and have a chance to listen to the audio. It can be a CD, mp3, podcast whatever other media. You can listen to the course on Spanish Language while jogging in the park, commuting to work on a subway or listening in a car on your way home from work.

Tips for learning a language with audio, podcast, CD etc.

Most of the courses require from you to participate in a form that you have to answer questions or repeat what was said, so that you train the interaction and also your pronunciation.  In some situations it might be impossible for you to speak aloud. Do not worry about that. Sooner or later there should be a chance for you to speak aloud. Just listen through the exercises and even repeat them if you feel like it.

Some of the mistakes that beginners might do is learning too fast and even skipping some material. This will only cause confusion, de-motivation and maybe even stopping learning. There are some fast learners among us but as a rule every course has its own structure and even requires certain pace in order to get the most benefit. Most of the courses available have some instructions on how to use them. It is clever to listen to these instructions and follow them in order to get the best value out of the course.

If you like music a lot you can learn Spanish with listening to music. If you are interested in that you can read my article about learning Spanish with music here.  Or you can do both. You can listen to some Spanish music you like and also listen to some Spanish lessons. The more ways of learning you use the faster and better you will get with your language skills.

There are many Spanish courses you can buy on internet that let you test them first. Often you can download demo versions and start there. It is a good idea to do that as you can find out if the course you intend to buy is suitable for you. Some are even free. You can start from there and later buy some advanced or intermediate version.

tips  for learning a language with audio, podcast, CD etc.

Do not hesitate to try different courses in the first stage of learning. There are plenty of Spanish courses and not every one of them will you like. Just  look them up and choose one to start with.


As any with activity to be good at, be aware that it takes some time to see results.  If you want to test yourself a bit then after weeks or months of learning, just listen to Spanish songs, or Spanish radio station and see how much you understand. Hopefully you will some.:-)……

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