Learning Spanish with reading books for beginners

Learning Spanish for beginners with reading


          Some people might have a difficulty to study Spanish grammar. Their brain might just not be able to grasp it or they are not interested in studying grammar. There is a way how to learn without studying grammar rules which also have exceptions and so might seem confusing to  people sometimes.

To avoid learning complex Spanish grammar at the very start you can start learning Spanish by reading. If you love reading books it is a great way to learn Spanish.

There are different books to read in order to learn Spanish. Which book to choose depends on the level of your proficiency.

Tips for intermediate and advanced reading in Spanish please go here.

If you are a total beginner, you should choose reading a book written in a very simple Spanish and have a dictionary at hand. You will use the dictionary a lot to write down the words you translate. You do not have to translate 100% of the words. Some of the words will you just guess and some of your guesses will be right.  Once you finish reading and translating one paragraph you go back to the beginning of that paragraph and reread it again so that you can grasp the meaning and context then you can move on and start reading the next one. Once you finish the book you can start all over from the beginning but this time you will not have to translate the words. You will remember some of them and the rest will be already translated. Before reading the book second time you can look up on internet or any book on Spanish translation how the Spanish pronunciation works. You can do the second reading out loud and so train your pronunciation. Do not worry about making mistakes and that there is nobody correcting you. If you are unsure about the right pronunciation of a particular word then look it up online.

You will also find out that many Spanish and English words are similar and this is great as it helps you to use this to your advantage and learn easier and faster because remembering becomes easier.

If you hate translating word after word there is a nice solution for you. This is a dual book. Dual books are a perfect solution if you want to have all words already translated.  This can be a big help to anyone who wants to save time. Usual the book has the Spanish text left and translated English version right. In this way it is very easy to quickly grasp the meaning and go on. The disadvantage of this might be that the reading might just be too fast and vocabulary forgotten, so rereading the book couple of times without reading English parallel is advisable.

Here are some tips on books on Amazon you can start reading if you are a total beginner:

Easy Spanish Reader

Read And Think Spanish (Book): The Editors of Think Spanish Magazine

Dual Language book:

First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book (Beginners’ Guides) (English and Spanish Edition)

Kindle Edition:

First Spanish Reader for beginners bilingual for speakers of English (Graded Spanish Readers) (French Edition)

First Spanish Reader: A Beginner’s Dual-Language Book (Beginners’ Guides) (English and Spanish Edition)

You do not have to choose from one of the books mentioned above. You can choose other books that might be interesting to you, but you get the best results if you choose a book that is written in a simple and easy Spanish for obvious reason.

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