Learning Spanish with music and TV

If you want to learn Spanish in an interesting way…

…and not through some tedious course and you are fond of Spanish or Latino music then you might consider learning Spanish with listening to music. It can be a lot of fun to listen to your Spanish music and at the same time learn a language. However some basic knowledge of Spanish is necessary so that you will not be completely lost when trying to understand the lyrics.

If you are a complete beginner and you have never had lessons in Spanish then you can follow these steps:

Find on internet the lyrics of some Spanish or Latino songs you like.

  1. Translate as many words as possible with the help of dictionary
  2. Write down the translations and learn the meanings of the words
  3. Listen to the songs
  4. If you like singing you can sing the songs
  5. Learn the lyrics every  day until you remember all of them

tips for learning Spanish language with music

You do not have to follow these steps all the time. You can also just listen to the songs many times and only guess the meanings.  When you translate the lyrics later on you will be able to remember those easier, because through repetitive listening you will remember the lyrics better and after translating also the meaning.

Another easy and fun method for learning Spanish is watching TV and DVDs.  There are plenty of movies, sitcoms, reality shows on Spanish channels. Some of you even have the possibility to watch with English subtitles so you do not have to open a dictionary, which is really great as you do not have to lose your time with that.

With DVDs you can even hold a dialogue and replay it many times.  You can choose to watch your favorite movie in Spanish as a lot of DVDs can be set up to be played in Spanish too.

You can follow these steps to make your learning through watching the movies you like more effective:

  1. Watch the movie in Spanish with  English subtitles 1x
  2. Watch the movie in Spanish without English subtitles 1x
  3. If you  still have problems to grasp meaning of the dialogues, watch again  with English subtitles
  4. Write down about 30 words and 20 sentences  from the movie
  5. Learn these words and sentences on  everyday basis until you remember them
  6. Watch the movie again in Spanish without English subtitles 1x

 tips for learning Spanish with music and TV

If you do not have a favorite movie then you can visit the site http://spanishmoviesonline.com/. It is a collection of Spanish movie trailers. You can choose one of these.

 If you have time to watch TV a lot then you will of course learn a lot. It can be a very enjoyable way to learn Spanish. You do not have to do a lot of work on your part and you will literary soak up the language. It may however take couple of years until you will get very good at Spanish language. If you consider learning Spanish faster and then you might also get Spanish lessons or buy an online Spanish course and learn with that along with watching movies. It will significantly boost your learning curve as you will spend more energy and time on improving your language skills. Or you choose a more traditional way of learning a language. You can still watch movies or listen to the music as an additional learning activity.

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