Total immersion method for learning Spanish

Total immersion method for fast results


        One of the fastest methods for learning Spanish is the total immersion method. This method is used in bilingual schools and it means that students are taught various subjects like math or social studies in the second language. In our case Spanish.  In this way students rapidly develop huge vocabulary in a very short time and are also naturally forced to learn new vocabulary every day. There are many schools that are bilingual and are very popular especially in Europe, because there is a large language variety.

some words about total immersion method when learning a Spanish language

There are language courses too that use this method. One of them is the Poseur method. The Pimsleur method was named after its inventor Dr. Paul Pimsleur.  Pimsleur was the foremost expert in applied linguistics and he studied the way how children acquire new language skills. He then used the results of his research and developed a program that is known as the Pimsleur Language Learning Method.

The method has four key principals: gradual interval recall, principle of anticipation, core vocabulary and organic learning. If you would like to know what these phrases stand for please go to .  This method teaches the language in its organic form from the very beginning.  You are learning phrases, the pronunciation and the right intonation in real life situations like the child do and you are also made to respond, so that you actively participate. The phrases you learn are the ones you are most likely to need in everyday situations and this motivates the student even more as he/she can start having short conversation in Spanish in very early stages of acquiring Spanish.

 Even fastest way to acquire extensive language skills would be to go abroad to the country where the language is spoken and study that language there.  You will be forced   and bombarded every day with new situations and phrases and so you would learn at fantastic speed.  The prerequisite for supersonic learning would be that you actively let all this happen to you, so that you can soak up as much as comes your way. You would restrain from talking in your native language whatsoever and only talk in that language. Doing that not only pushes you through early stages of learning quite quickly but you would also acquire the appreciation for other culture.  And this is also an important aspect of getting you language skills.

                     some words about total immersion method when learning a Spanish language

There are many programs abroad who offer a package where you learn and live abroad. Studying Spanish abroad or in the Spanish community will bring you the benefit of learning in real life situations which is the most natural way of learning the language – you will learn instantly what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Simultaneously visiting a language course brings you the benefit of understanding grammar rules and sentence structure.

 This is just a short description of the total immersion method. If you consider learning fast and with great results then I would suggest that you choose this method as this will save you a lot of time of tedious learning without the possibility of practicing the acquired skill instantly and all day long.

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