How to learn Spanish superfast

Well the usual ways to learn the language…


…might not bring you the results as fast as you would wish. The traditional methods want you to learn slowly and in a continual slow progress you will acquire the knowledge and the fluency in that language.  That might take  between a year and couple of years. However there are other ways that bring you results in almost supersonic speed, in other words learning that language in 3 to 6 months. Be aware that this means not only your full commitment but also your time and some money.  I would call this method full immersion. What I mean by that?


You have to be ready to spend between 4 and 6 hours a day learning that particular language and on top of that also actively look for people who speak that language and befriend them so that you can practice with them as much as possible. The easiest way is to travel abroad where that language is spoken and learn there, meet people, practice a lot, have a private tutor who spends every day couple of hours with you and teaches you. The lessons do not have to be structured. You can just start asking him how to say this and how to say that in that language and start repeating his words and also putting them down so that later you can have a look at them.

some words about learning Spanish superfast

If for whatever reason you cannot go abroad for couple of months and you need to stay in your hometown, then it might get difficult to get the results as fast as 4-6 months, but it is still not impossible.  There are couple of tips I have for you that will help you on the way.


  1. Look for people in your area that speak  that  language – there are couple of sites you can use like:, and basically any site with forum or members area
  2. If you do not find anybody in your area that speaks that language then you can try sites like  or similar.
  3. Listen, watch and speak in Spanish language as much as possible throughout the day.
  4. If you have a job, then spend the rest of the day learning, during the breaks at work you can learn too.
  5. Motivate yourself – you can plan a holiday abroad where Spanish is spoken, you can buy Spanish CDs and be able to understand the lyrics – if not then translate them so that when you listen to them you get the meaning, read articles about your favorite topic and note how much you can already grasp, or just buy yourself a present when seeing great improvements etc.
  6. Don’t stop learning until you reach the level you are happy with and even then be in contact with that language – it is very easy to forget the language  skills
  7. Do not be afraid to make mistakes – mistakes are good for you, correct yourself and move on – it is simple as that



The speed of learning a new language depends on many factors but if you follow the tips mentioned above you should be able to get the results you wish for quite fast. However people are different and so will be the results.

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